Since your children are saving from the other part of their pay for their own futures, I would treat the percentage they pay you as regular income and do with whatever you’re doing with the rest of your income. Since you’re in emergency mode, pile it up for an emergency. When your husband finds work, you can take any surplus and make a big snowball payment.

It was mess and is about 80% ready for work. I had stacks of paperwork to file. Got a lot of that done + take out cash advance online. I still need to get my work table clear.
I have spent this evening working my website. I got a few more products added and worked on my “about us” page. Website building is new to me so this is a challenge. My plan is spend time every day till it’s up to speed then just work as needed to update. The shopping cart is ready but I have a few kinks to work out on some things. It will come together with time.

If not, I’d keep that money for monthly bills. You’re in emergency mode right now. I wouldn’t worry about debt repayment as much as worrying about keeping money to cover the day to day stuff as well as the unexpected problems that crop up, especially in a home with children. Save it if there’s a surplus and when your husband is employed again, then worry about your debt repayment. btw, you have nice children.