If they are due before the first September paycheck then you should probably pay the bills first. Since I get paid every two weeks the checks do not arrive at a the same time each month. I have to watch what bills are due before the next paycheck and pay those first before I can figure that I have enough money left over to put towards the debt! I’d rather delay my debt paydown 2 weeks than make a late payment and get assessed late charges, or worse!

It was mess and is about 80% ready for work. I had stacks of paperwork to file. Got a lot of that done + take out cash advance online. I still need to get my work table clear.
I have spent this evening working my website. I got a few more products added and worked on my “about us” page. Website building is new to me so this is a challenge. My plan is spend time every day till it’s up to speed then just work as needed to update. The shopping cart is ready but I have a few kinks to work out on some things. It will come together with time.