We hadn’t been watching tv and had our computers turned off because it was payday/errand day. It wasn’t until I started getting queries about our safety. So I turned on tv. OKC is about 100 mile wsw of us. The cell that is moving through okc and dropping hooks is slowly moving toward us. I think I better get supper over with pretty quickly.
I’m trying to get hold of a really neat photo of the Broken Arrow, tornado cloud last night. Dh and ds both saw it on the web this morning, and I have a small captured photo of it, but I can’t seem to copy it to post it. It looks like a nebula (donut shaped). If we get it worked out I’ll let you know.
Right now we are watching the coverage of OKC and St. Louis, looks like the way the storm is moving we’ll be blessed with being missed again. Thank you Lord. Unfortunately there are at least 2 deaths in OKC tonight, They “think” Moore and OKC have been hit, but they are also saying the debris cloud may be from the debris from last week. Praying hard for everyone in the path of tonight’s storms, which thankfully seem to be easing up.