I came across a journal that I was calculating debt pay off in on paper (this is before I got the debt snowball spreadsheet—thanks to whoever it was that posted it. You have saved me a LOT of time since then.
Anyway, I looked at our balances I had recorded in September 2014 (21 months AFTER we started the plan) and then I compared them to our current balances. There was $85, 570.19 difference. Now these are the balances NOT including the interest paid in that 20 months! It did not include the medical bills we were paying on at that time and since for ER visits and such, or paying into IRS nearly $6,000 total. Nor does it include utilities, groceries, critter feed, car tags, insurance and other day to day expenses. On dh’s salary that $85,570.19 alone should have been impossible. Gee I guess we’ve worked more extra jobs and sold a lot more than I thought. We still owe around 122,000 (mortgages included) but after seeing this and knowing what income changes we have coming up with the first of the year I think we just might meet our goal of by the end of Dec in 2014 for everything including the ffef.
The reason I posted this is to tell others IF we can do this so can you. Trust me we have not been near as gazelle intense as we should have been. We are far too fond of travel. Including doing a day of staycation tomorrow.